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MasterHealth transforms your favourite health and lifestyle books into interactive personalized coaching apps designed to help you build healthy habits based on your unique goals.

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We’ve all been there. Reading an inspirational health book, you underline a paragraph, flip some page corners, and promise yourself that you’ll change your life… tomorrow. But the next day, those old habits kick in. You sleep too long or you forget to go for that afternoon walk. It’s not just you. It’s human.


Health and wellness books benefit us, but often, they lack personalization, a clear path forward, and many of the key success factors required when implementing lifestyle changes that stick. MasterHealth combines principles of behaviour change psychology, social accountability, motivation, and data science – to make reaching your goals fun and rewarding.

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We partner with top health experts who have published these inspirational books to produce action-oriented health programs based on their decades of clinical experience and expertise.


We work directly with authors to distill out the important lifestyle actions, habits, routines, and behaviours from their books. From there, we build out engaging mobile programs that keep users accountable, prevents them from falling off the wagon, and maximizes their chances of success.

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Our Guiding

We believe that every individual should feel confident taking the first step in their health journey, safe should they take a step backward, and feel supported and motivated to reach their goals.


We believe in guiding our customers toward the right habits and actions to adopt in order to reach their goals, but then giving them the control to fine-tune their commitment, and start at a point they feel comfortable yet challenged.


We believe that supportive human connection can dramatically improve outcomes when pursuing one or more health goals. These principles are woven into the fabric of our product.

Our vision

Founded With Heart

In Summer of 2019, our founder, Josh Sookman, made a promise to his mother: he would help her improve her health.


Doctors told his mother what to do, but her health wasn’t improving. Josh found that while treatment plans detail what you need to do, they don’t include the tools needed to integrate new habits into daily life, or drive ongoing motivation and accountability.


So, Josh built a mini-version of MasterHealth for his mom. 6 months later, she had successfully eliminated a medication and implemented new habits that stuck. This is where our story starts.

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Our culture

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We care about people. That starts with care shown towards every member of our team, and extends outward to how we treat our customers and our partners. We demonstrate our care through our actions, not our intentions.


We believe it is important for everyone on our team to understand our business, how our product impacts outcomes for customers, and how our growth delivers value to our partners. We seek to provide clarity on how every team member’s work has impact and meaning in our ecosystem.


We embrace challenges because we know that working together to overcome them makes our team stronger and product better. We take responsibility for our actions and don’t assign blame to others. We work hard because we are aligned in our mission to help people lead healthier lives.

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