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Dr. Terry Wahls
The Wahls Protocol ®
App-based program to help you stick to the Wahls Diet™, Wahls Paleo™, and Wahls Paleo Plus™.
This evidence-based program uses principles of the paleo diet and functional medicine to transform your health, guiding you at every step of the way.
Dr. Frank Lipman
How To Be Well
10 health goal tracks that focus on energy, brain clarity, immune support, weight, and more.
Get your new functional medicine-based routine today, prioritized for your health goals. Staying consistent and accountable has never been easier.
Julie Daniluk
Healing Inflammation
Easily follow the Meals That Heal elimination and reintroduction diet and lifestyle changes.
This extensively researched, app-based program explores 4 causes of inflammation, helps you to discover the root of your pain, and implement the daily actions you need to feel better.

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