Health Experts

We partner with expert health practitioners who have built evidence-based and clinical experience-backed programs, and transform them into engaging mobile experiences that work.

Why partner with MasterHealth?

Our partnership model puts our partners first. We succeed only when they succeed.

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No upfront or recurring costs

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High ROI
on your time

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Expand your audience

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key insights​

Invested In You

Zero Cash Outlay

We think differently. Rather than charging our partners to build their programs, we take on the financial risk by investing our own money to build programs for partners that meet our criteria. That’s right – no upfront or recurring costs to you!


Our upfront work includes transposing programs from books or courses into our proprietary mobile format as well as scriptwriting, filming, video production and post-production work.


We then share in the resulting sales of your program.

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Low Time,
High ROI

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Low Time, High ROI

Time is precious. Our goal is to develop the highest quality program offering from your materials with as little of your time as required to glean your unique insights and essence that make you – YOU – and to have this essence permeate the fabric of your program on MasterHealth.


Once the program is built, it will not require any ongoing responsibility or time from you other than any agreed upon marketing and promotional activities.


Our programs are sold as ongoing subscriptions, meaning that each subscriber will continue to earn value for our partners as long as they’re receiving value from your program(s).


Learn more about our unique process. Book a partner discovery call.

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Reach More Fans

Expand Your Audience

In addition to increasing the depth that your existing community, fans and followers can engage with your health recommendations and program, MasterHealth will also broaden your reach.


We actually allocate and spend our marketing and advertising budget to drive the growth and success of our partner programs. Further, we’ve thoughtfully designed a number of social and product referral features into the product that helps to drive unpaid, organic word-of-mouth marketing of your product from happy customers to new customers.

Actionable Data

Uncover Key Insights

We don’t share or sell personal information. However in aggregate, we can provide our partners with extremely valuable information about how people are using their programs to reach their health goals.


Some of our partners have expressed that this information could be useful to help them understand where people commonly have the most difficulty, which actions and habits are the easiest to stick to, and to help inform a data-driven v2.0 of their health program.

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Partner with Us

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Let us transform your health/lifestyle program into a mobile experience for your audience.

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