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Dr. Frank Lipman How To Be Well

Get your new functional medicine-based routine today, prioritized for your health goals. Staying consistent and accountable has never been easier.
How To Be Well Trailer Video
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Boost immune systemGeneral healthImprove brain clarityImprove lipid markersImprove your skin & acneIncrease energyLose weightReboot from sluggishnessReduce anxietyReduce bloating & gas
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How To Be Well App Videos

We scripted, filmed, and produced an exclusive video series with Dr Lipman to introduce and guide you through the key habits and actions in the How To Be Well program, so you can build them into daily or weekly habits that last.


Everyday habits are at the core of everything we do. Most of them we hardly notice, but they affect our lives in crucial ways. The How to Be Well program on MasterHealth identifies the most impactful habits for you, helps you build them, and encourages you to break the bad ones.

About the Expert, Dr. Lipman

Dr. Frank Lipman has helped thousands of patients change their habits one day at a time. As a leader in Functional Medicine, Dr. Lipman practices what he calls “Good Medicine”, an appropriate blend of cutting-edge, modern medicine with age-old healing techniques from the East.


Rather than just treating the symptoms, Dr. Lipman utilizes diet, supplements, exercise, stress management practices, sleep hygiene and other lifestyle changes to improve the functioning of the body as a means of preventing disease and creating vibrant, sustainable health.


Recognized as a vocal pioneer of integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Lipman founded and practices at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. He is the best-selling author of five books and is a sought-after international speaker.

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“It’s the ordinary things we do on a daily basis that have an extraordinary healing effect.”

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How To Be Well App Overview

In this program, you’ll start by picking your most important health goals. We worked closely with Dr. Lipman to map the most impactful habits you can build to achieve those goals.


Your personalized recommendations are generated based on your health goals and the protocols and practices found in Dr. Frank Lipman’s book, How To Be Well.


Start, stick to and scale-up your recommended lifestyle changes at a pace that feels comfortable for you. With Dr. Lipman as your guide, you’ll live healthier, strengthen your resilience, look better, and lower your stress.


Plans start at US$12.50/month.

EAT:love your food and curb unhealthy cravings

MOVE:ensure the body moves in all the ways that nature intended it to

SLEEP:reprioritize and restore one of your most fundamental needs

PROTECT:mitigate and prevent the invisible assaults of everyday tasks

CONNECT:awaken and enhance a sense of belonging and meaning

UNWIND:consciously switch off to allow for complete mental and psychological reprieve

Based on Dr. Frank Lipman's works:

How to Be Well

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Start by choosing one or more health or wellness goals that you’d like to improve.

Sample actions and habits of the program that you will learn more about, and aim to adopt or implement more effectively into your day to day life:

Diet & Nutrition

Switching to Healthy Oils

Repairing The Gut Lining

Quitting Sugar

Intermittent Fasting

Adopting a Grain Free Diet

Cooking More Often

Exercise & Movement

Moving A Bit More Everyday

Foam Rolling

Building A HIIT Habit


Cold Showers

Brain & Mind


Being Mindful

Practicing Gratitude


Getting Enough Sleep

Darkening The Bedroom for Sleep

Sleeping at a Consistent Time

Diet & Nutrition
  • Switching to Healthy Oils
  • Repairing The Gut Lining
  • Quitting Sugar
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Adopting a Grain Free Diet
  • Cooking More Often
Exercise & Movement
  • Moving A Bit More Everyday
  • Foam Rolling
  • Building A HIIT Habit
Brain & Mind
  • Meditation
  • Being Mindful
  • Being Kind
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Get enough sleep
  • Sleep consistency
  • Bedtime routine

Why Use

Forming impactful habits requires consistent and incremental change. MasterHealth’s programs are backed by behaviour change science to help you successfully implement the habits that matter most.

Actionable Daily Recommendations

Private Community Support

Exclusive Expert

Fully Personalized Program

What the Community is Saying

Read what others are saying about Frank Lipman’s How To Be Well book:
Jim O.
“He begins by talking about food. I realized that I was addicted to sugar, and it encouraged me to give up all the added sugar I was eating. I have dropped slightly over 10 lbs.”
Deb Odonovan
“A must for anyone wanting to better their life and feel better. Dr Lipman makes it clear you don’t have to jump in all at once. Start wherever feels good and add some new habits each week.”
K. Jain
“If you are into Functional Medicine, Holistic Care or natural approaches to your body, this is fantastic. Dr. Lipman takes an approach of trying what motivates you, then add more lifestyle improvements as you wish.”
C. Bott
“I am well-versed in health and nutrition, but sometimes I want to set challenges or goals for myself. This is perfect for finding healthy habits to incorporate into everyday living.”

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