How fitness & nutrition professionals are growing

their business income community clients

With MasterHealth, fitness & nutrition professionals are

growing their business income community clients


Meet Sarah, fitness & nutrition coach

Sarah wants to increase income from her existing clients and community.

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Her biggest challenges are...

She’s 30 years old, works at a gym, doesn’t have a lot of extra time, and can’t increase her hourly rate any further.

How she earns an extra $5,000/year with MasterHealth

Each month, Sarah runs a nutrition or fitness challenge for 2 weeks. It takes her less than 5 minutes/day to manage. She charges $25, and earns roughly $400 each time. MasterHealth takes care of the complexity, making it easy for Sarah to increase her income.

The marketing strategy that delivers her results

Sarah notifies her clients by email and word of mouth, the gym extends invites to its members (as a kind gesture), she mentions it on social media, and posts a link in a couple community groups that she has joined. MasterHealth helps her co-promote her challenge in-app, by email, and on social media.

Earn meaningful revenue

Enable your Creator Account and start earning revenue when participants join your Challenges.

earn revenue running challenges

Set your own prices

Price your Challenges from $4.99 and up per participant.

Share to everywhere

With just 1-tap, export your unique sharing links for easy sharing on social media, linkinbio, email or other places.

Referral boost

Our product encourages and fosters referrals from people who join your Challenge to their friends. 🚀

Tap into our marketplace

List your Challenge on our marketplace to reach new audiences, and earn more revenue.

Build your community & clients

Get discovered and easily let your growing audience connect with you.

challenge discovery host profile

Discovery listing

Reach new audiences and grow, when you list your Challenge publicly in our Discovery service.

Your profile

Put your best foot forward, by including a great photo, headline, short bio, and website link.

Link back to your universe

Use your profile link to direct people back to your website, social media, or other service offerings.

Build reputation

As you run Challenges and help people achieve their goals, it’ll become a badge of honor to wear proudly. 🏆

An engaging experience for everyone

Each Challenge is a fun and friendly experience – and you’re the host!

challenge leaderboard group chat


Ranked by everyone’s own progress toward their goal, this leaderboard levels the playing field.

Group chat

Motivate, inspire and deepen relationships by sharing messages, photos, videos, links, and reactions. ❤️💪🥬

Activity logging

Easily log activity throughout the day or week. Your friends will get notified – and be motivated to reciprocate!

Smart notifications

Get notified when anyone sends a message, or your friends log activity. Settings are customizable.

Communicate your way

Get a high ROI on your time helping more people by using our flexible chat tools.

group messaging drafts

Group messaging

Inspire and motivate people at scale. Build community. Share media. The floor is yours for the taking!

Private 1:1 messaging

For all the private matters, you’ll have a 1:1 connection with everyone who joins your Challenge.

Smart message drafts

Tap into our repository of personalized nudges as well as group message ideas to help you craft engaging posts from challenge start to finish. Includes warm welcomes, conversation starters, fun facts and more!

Challenge reporting

Data is an essential ingredient to delivering helpful coaching (and awarding prizes!) to your group.

challenge reporting summary

Participant insights

Real-time reporting in-app lets you know who needs a helping hand and who could use a high-five!

Challenge summary

At the end of your challenge, you’ll get a summary on how everyone finished up. Trophies are issued when someone hits or beats the goal they set out for themselves.

What health pros are saying...

They’ve also given us a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 86 🙌

Start your first challenge today!

Your circle will thank you. 

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