Host fun, free lifestyle & fitness challenges

Built for health coaches & their communities to get healthier together.

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Be the first to launch a Challenge with your community, followers, or clients!

Host fun, free lifestyle & fitness challenges

Built for health coaches & their communities to get healthier together.

Request early access

Be the first to launch a Challenge with your community, followers, or clients!

Host fun, free lifestyle & fitness challenges

Built for health coaches & their communities to get healthier together.

Request early access

How Challenges work

Friendly challenges are about hitting our health goals together. When health coaches share a challenge with others, they’ll appear as the ⭐️HOST and can facilitate the group chat, including a warm welcome and thoughtful thank you to everyone who joins.




Pick a healthy habit

With 40+ habits across fitness, diet, mental health and more, find the activity you’d like to share, focus on, and build over the next few weeks. Then pick another!

health coach habit challenges
health coach habit challenges
health coaches meditation goal setting

Set your goal

It should be challenging yet achievable for you. Each person who joins your friendly challenge sets their own goals.


We believe everyone is at their own place in their own health journey, and our system is designed to make every challenge accessible to everyone.


Invite your people

Share your challenge with your Instagram followers, your health coaching client list, your colleagues – or a group of your friends!

Each challenge supports 1,000 participants.

step challenge invite friends
water drinking challenge with friends

Have a blast completing challenges together

Track your activities. Get notified each time someone logs theirs. Join the lively group chat, react to progress updates, share photos. 


Challenges have been designed as a positive space for people to cheer on and motivate each other.


Only positive vibes, please ✌️

Common Questions

This is a completely free service for health coaches as well as anyone who joins your health challenges. You can start, join, and invite an unlimited number of others to join your challenges.


In fact, running or hosting challenges can earn you money if you opt to charge your participants to join. Please reach out to our team if you’d like early access to try out or “paid challenges” feature to earn you more revenue from your clients, community, or audiences on social networks.

No, there is no cost for anyone to join Friendly Challenges.

When you start a challenge, the MasterHealth app will provide you with a unique link for your specific challenge that you can share.


You can share that link with people directly, or you can post it more publicly – to places like your Instagram story, in an email newsletter, etc.


When someone clicks on that link, they will be taken to a welcome page where they will see your first name and photo, and information about the challenge that you are running.


If they don’t yet have an account with MasterHealth, they will be invited to start one, bypass the waitlist, and join your challenge as soon as they get the MasterHealth app on their mobile device or tablet.

If you invite your friend to the pre-registration waitlist and they also sign-up, that will boost your spot and get you earlier access to MasterHealth Challenges.


Once you gain access to challenges and you start your first challenge, you can invite your friends directly to your challenge and they will gain access to the app and challenges at that time, regardless of their position on the waitlist.

We will be launching with at least 40 challenges to pick from. If you’d like us to support a challenge that isn’t listed, please write in to let us know!



Stretch, Balance, Strength Training, Cardio Training, Yoga, Running, Biking, HIIT Exercise, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, Lunges, Steps, Burpees, Plank, Jump Rope



Water Drinking, Eat Spices, Eat Veggies, Eat Quality Protein, Time-Restricted Eating, Food Journal



Sleep Longer, Sleep Consistency, Morning Sunshine


Brain & Mind

Breathe, Meditate, Gratitude, Prayer, Show Kindness



Sweat, Dry Brushing



Cold Plunge



Nature Bathing



Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Fiber, Probiotic

There are no limits to the number of challenges that you can start or join at any given time.


In fact, we recommend picking 2-3 healthy habits from the list and inviting the person (or people) who you’d like to support in that habit, or inviting others who might support you as you’re still working to build this new habit into your routine.

We currently support up to 1,000 participants per challenge.

We are currently experimenting with challenges of different lengths. Please start a challenge and see which options are available for you at the present time. If you have any specific needs, please reach out to our team and request a challenge length that you’d like us to support.

Presently, whoever starts the challenge will be the designated host. We may consider offering multi-host support in the future. If this is something that you would be interested in, please reach out to us through our website, the app, or on social media to let us know.

You can participate in challenges using our mobile apps on iOS and Android. iPad and Android-based tablets are also supported. We do not yet offer the ability to join and interact with challenges from desktop or laptop computers or via web or mobile web browsers.

In general, the MasterHealth engineering and product team ships updates every 2 weeks on average. So, we’re always thinking about how we can improve virtually every aspect of the mobile experiences we offer.

If you have any specific features or capabilities that you’d like to see included, please reach out to us – we’d love to hear from you!

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