How Challenges work

Get started in less than 1 minute flat.

Pick a healthy habit

With 40+ habits across fitness, diet, mental health and more, find the activity you’d like to focus on and build over the next few weeks.

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Set your goal

It should be challenging yet achievable for you.

Each person sets their own goals.

Invite your people

Challenge a group of friends, your family, coworkers, your Instagram followers, or your entire client list.

Each challenge supports 1,000 participants.

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Have a blast completing challenges together

Track your activities. Get notified each time someone logs theirs. Join the lively group chat, react to progress updates, share photos. 


Challenges have been designed as a positive space for people to cheer on and motivate each other.


Only positive vibes, please ✌️

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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support the following list of challenges. If you’d like us to support a challenge that isn’t listed, please write in to let us know!



Stretch, Balance, Strength Training, Cardio Training, Yoga, Running, Biking, HIIT Exercise, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, Lunges, Steps, Burpees, Plank, Jump Rope



Water Drinking, Eat Spices, Eat Veggies, Eat Quality Protein, Time-Restricted Eating, Food Journal



Sleep Longer, Sleep Consistency, Morning Sunshine


Brain & Mind

Breathe, Meditate, Gratitude, Prayer, Show Kindness



Sweat, Dry Brushing



Cold Plunge



Nature Bathing



Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Fiber, Probiotic

Challenges can be set to run from 1 week up o 52 weeks. If you have any specific needs, please reach out to our team and request a challenge length that you’d like us to support.

We currently support up to 1,000 participants per challenge.

It’s free to start and run a challenge.


If you are joining a challenge, it may be free or cost money for you to participate depending on which challenge you join and whether the host of that challenge is charging people to take part.

There are no limits to the number of challenges that you can start or join at any given time.


In fact, we recommend picking 2-3 healthy habits from the list and inviting the person (or people) who you’d like to support in that habit, or inviting others who might support you as you’re still working to build this new habit into your routine.

You can participate in challenges using our mobile apps on iOS and Android. iPad and Android-based tablets are also supported. We do not yet offer the ability to join and interact with challenges from desktop or laptop computers or via web or mobile web browsers.

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