Food Swaps

10 Healthy Alternatives to M&M's

Explore why we crave M&M's, their impact on health, our 10 best substitutes for this candy, and a homemade M&M recipe that's a touch healthier!

10 Best Healthy Alternatives to Pretzels

Discover why we crave pretzels, and explore our list of the 10 best healthy alternatives to pretzels you can substitute into your diet today.

10 Healthy Alternatives to Bacon

Learn why you crave bacon, but find our 10 best healthy alternatives to bacon that you'll gladly substitute into your healthier diet.

Healthy Alternatives to Deli Meat

Learn the 4 key categories of deli meats, why we crave it, and see our list of the best 10 healthy alternatives to deli meat that your body will love.

Healthy Alternatives to Canola Oil

Explore why people crave canola oil and discover healthy alternatives to canola oil for a balanced diet.

Healthy Alternatives to Sprite

Explore why Sprite cravings exist, discover 10 healthy alternatives to Sprite, and our homemade sprite recipe you'll love!

10 Healthy Alternatives to Cereal Bars

Explore why we love cereal bars, browse our list of 10 healthy alternatives to cereal bars for a nutritious snack swap, and try of our home made recipe.

Healthy Alternatives to Candy
Explore why we crave sweets and discover healthy alternatives to candy that satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising health.
Healthy Beef Jerky: 10 Best Beef Sticks Brands & Healthier Alternatives
We love healthy beef jerky. Here you'll find our 10 best beef stick brands for sodium and general nutrition, plus 10 healthier alternatives to beef jerky.
Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Cereals

Explore the science behind cravings for sugary cereals and discover healthy alternatives to sugary cereals like our crunchy quinoa and oat cluster recipe.

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