5 Hacks for Eating Healthy While Traveling on the Wahls Diet

Helpful tips to stick to your diet and eat healthy, while still getting the most out of your time away from home.

Written by MasterHealth Staff

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Food sensitivities and restrictions can be a major source of anxiety when it comes to travel, whether to a different country or to a family get-together. Which is why we’ve put together our best tips for eating healthy while traveling so you can avoid flare-ups even when you’re away from home.

eating healthy road trip

Short-distance trips generally don’t require too much alteration to your existing health routine – pack some healthy snacks and a smoothie, bring your supplements for the day, and a filtered water bottle. 


For longer-distance road trips, the convenience of fast-food can be more tempting if you’re ill prepared. That’s why we’ve put together our best tips to help you stick to your diet when you’re away from home.

Road trips don’t have to be unhealthy, it just requires a bit of planning.


This list of healthy road trip snacks will keep you plenty full, and hopefully saying “no thanks” to road-side fast food options!


For shorter road trips, consider packing:

  • Containers of your favorite nuts and veggies (i.e. broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber).
  • A smoothie to-go (see this great veggie-rich Wahls Diet friendly smoothie-building template).
  • Compatible protein bars. (get 15% off Paleovalley Superfood bars)
  • Leftovers from the night before for a meal on-the-go, or bring a thermos of hot soup.
  • Any vitamins, supplements, or medications for the day(s) you will be away from home.

For longer road trips, consider stopping at a grocery store before heading out, or pack: 

  • A cooler filled with ice or ice-packs so you can bring more perishable foods (like tomatoes, leafy greens, bananas, or any pre-made meals).
  • Vegetables that have a longer shelf-life, like carrots, beets, kale, and radishes.
  • Dried foods (jerky, coconut milk powder, dried soup/bone broth). 
  • Consider bringing organ meat capsules and powdered greens to maintain your nutrient and mineral levels and avoid feeling drained.

Get 15% off Paleovalley bone broth, meat sticks, organ meat capsules, or powdered greens.

Air travel restrictions vary from country to country, influencing the selection of foods that you can bring with you in your checked or carry-on baggage. It’s always best to check these restrictions before you start to pack.


Before packing, do your research on food quality for the destination country and if advised, head to a grocery once you land at your destination and begin planning your meals.


Here are a few suggestions for eating healthy while traveling if local meats and produce are cautioned against at your destination:

Protein powder: Lightweight and long-lasting, protein powder is a staple for smoothies and on-the-go protein replacement.


Powdered greens: These are lightweight, long-lasting and packed with vegetable nutrients, as well as essential minerals like iron and zinc to keep you energized and healthy during your travels.


Powdered soup/bone broth: Bone broth is another lightweight option packed with protein and soups contain vegetable nutrients. These are easy to make for days with a tighter schedule.


Preserved produce: A lightweight option could include dried mushrooms, carrots, beans, sweet potatoes, and various fruits, as well as sun dried tomatoes.


Preserved meats: Grass-fed & organic jerky or meat sticks (for example, from Paleovalley) and organ meat capsules are lightweight travel options loaded with the same nutrients as freshly cooked meats.


For 15% off of Paleovalley bone broth protein powder, meat sticks, powdered greens, and organ meat supplements, click here.

On the days that your itinerary fills up and there’s little time for cooking, you’ll need to have some quick solutions on hand.


Jerky, canned fish, or organ meat capsules: It might be challenging to find organic or grass-fed meats in a different country. These are convenient options for meat-eaters, and can be found at many health food stores.


Bone broth/soups: Bone broth is packed with protein and can often be cooked with or purchased containing a ton of vegetable nutrients to keep you satisfied. 


Blender: Pack a small travel blender or an immersion blender and something to blend in. This will come in handy on days that you have a tighter schedule.

Staying at an accommodation that doesn’t have a fridge? Consider packing the following:


Whole foods with a good shelf-life: Nuts, hard veggies (i.e. carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, cabbage, and onion), kale, and hardy fruits (i.e. apples, oranges, grapefruit).


Canned, dried, or powdered veggies: Canned or dried veggies are a great option for veggies that perish quickly, like mushrooms, tomatoes, and green beans. 


Dried and powdered veggies (i.e. powdered greens or soups) are also lightweight, making them a suitable option for travelers who tend to pack heavy.


Dietary restrictions can sometimes make it hard when attending family gatherings, especially during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving where a little extra indulgence might be encouraged.


It’s best to prepare for this in advance, by communicating your dietary restrictions to the host. It may help to explain that you can’t eat specific foods like dairy and gluten (and other sensitivities) due to an allergy that could hospitalize you.


Offer to help the host by bringing a dish or two of your own. This can be helpful if the host isn’t used to cooking without certain ingredients (like dairy, gluten or eggs), and this way you can be absolutely certain that it’s safe for you to eat.

Although no one plans to get food poisoning, it’s best to be prepared to reduce the harm that pathogens can have on your gut – at least until you can get appropriate medical attention.


Produce purchased in different continents can sometimes cause gastrointestinal (gut) disturbances because of the different bacteria that can be present in soil and water that your body may not be used to.


When packing for a foreign excursion, consider bringing food-grade activated charcoal or apple cider vinegar. Both help to bind harmful pathogens and toxins that cause food poisoning. Both of these supplements can also calm gut discomfort while you wait to receive medical attention.


Activated charcoal is sold as capsules in most health food stores and drug stores, and apple cider vinegar capsules can be purchased from Paleovalley (get 85% off your first bottle here).


Caution: Take activated charcoal apart from any medications, as it can bind those chemicals and compounds as well and prevent them from reaching their intended destinations inside your body.

Spending time away from home shouldn’t mean completely abandoning all that hard work you’ve put into the Wahls Diet™, or any diet.


It’s important to communicate your dietary needs to the people involved, like the party host or your server. It may help if you write down your dietary restrictions on paper to give to the person preparing your meals. If needed, use a translation app to eliminate miscommunication.


Do your research before packing to determine exactly what you need for your destination. With the right planning and preparation, it’s easy to bring your Wahls Diet™ essentials and more along with you.

  1. Dark chocolate or other Wahls Protocol® compatible desserts so that you have something to curb your sweet tooth over the holidays instead of cake and pastries.

  2. Kale chips or sliced veggies are a great shareable daytime snack, and can be bought in-store or made at home before taking off on your trip.

  3. Many coffee shops will offer plant-based milks. Find a coffee shop that offers coconut milk or organic rice milk.

  4. Most coffee shops offer plain hot water for free. Add some powdered soup or bone broth to enjoy a nutrient-rich meal.

  5. Grass-fed & organic jerky or meat sticks (for example, from Paleovalley) is a great on-the-go alternative to conventionally farmed meats. Click here for 15% off your entire order from Paleovalley.
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