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MasterHealth is platform that enables anyone to learn and follow the actionable recommendations from the world’s top health experts across a diverse range of health and lifestyle goals.

Each MasterHealth program is adapted from an existing book, general treatment plan, program, course, and/or set of recommendations from health experts we partner with, and backed by evidence based science and clinical practice with their patients.

MasterHealth makes the recommendations from these experts available and accessible to everyone, anywhere, for a fraction of the cost it would be to see them as a patient.

To get started, we’ll ask you a few questions to help personalize aspects of the program to your specific needs. This includes your high level health goals, and any relevant and associated biomarkers (health metrics) that you’d like to capture to measure your progress in reaching your goal(s).

Next, you’ll build your first routine — as you are guided through a list of the program’s expert-curated top habits and actions that will deliver the highest impact to you achieving your health goals.

As you explore these habits and actions, you’ll watch snack-sized, immersive videos featuring our health experts to introduce these concepts, share common misconceptions, why they’re important, and keys to success when including them in your day-to-day life.

Programs will offer between 25-50 actions and habits to progress through, a similar number of support videos with a total playtime of 30-45 minutes that you can watch and rewatch any time.

Most actions also include supporting content, that provides key examples and reference data sets to help solidify your understanding of the habit or behaviour, and help to ensure you make informed decisions and choices.

Each program will vary in terms of structure. Certain programs may be entirely structured through a series of phases, and others may provide action recommendations that you can follow and adapt to your needs.

In general, our programs don’t have a defined ending point, and typically there will be a series of actions and habits that you can continue to perform and track over time until you feel your health goals have been achieved.

Each program has its own pricing, and we offer one or more subscription or one-time purchase options.


Please check the Apple App Store, or get started with a specific program in the app to receive the current pricing for the program you are seeking.


Pricing varies by country, and is appropriately adjusted for differences in currentcy.

We built MasterHealth with the understanding that (for most people) achieving a health goal is a journey, and that you may need to start small and build up habits over time.

Many of the actions within our programs can be scaled up or down based on your starting point and comfort level. The program will also provide thoughtful and motivational nudges to level up your commitment periodically, but only progress at a pace that feels right for you.

Of course, even though many of the program elements are adaptable, we understand that some people may find that it doesn’t fully satisfy their needs.


If that happens, we hope that you’ll let us know what may be lacking for you, which will help to ensure that we keep building a better and better product for you and others like you.

Although we’d love to keep you as a customer, we always give you the control to manage your own subscription – including the cancellation of your subscription at any time.


You can easily cancel your subscription by navigating to your Apple settings found on your iOS device. See this helpful article from Apple on how to cancel an app subscription:

MasterHealth Programs

Our health programs are all built in partnership with recognized health practitioner experts, and backed by evidence based science and clinical practice.

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