The Health & Fitness Challenge Bible to Grow Your Business

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into business strategy and marketing tactics for health and fitness entrepreneurs that are proven to help you build and engage your audience, and grow revenue with fitness challenges.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to using health and fitness challenges to boost your business growth.

Whether you’re an industry leader or a newbie just starting out, you understand the importance of standing out in a crowded market.

This comprehensive article will explore innovative and practical strategies to use challenges as powerful tools for expanding your reach, acquiring new clients, and increasing revenue.

Beyond fitness, if you work with people 1:1 or in group settings in the health and wellness industry, you will find the concepts covered in this article extremely relevant to your work and business.
What's in this playbook?

Convert People You Meet into Your Followers

Harness the Power of Live Events

Every interaction you have at a live event, whether it’s a dynamic class, an insightful webinar, or an inspiring speaking engagement, is a golden opportunity. 

Use your energy and expertise to captivate the room, and as the session ends, your audience will be left wanting more. This is where your fitness challenge becomes a magnet. Introduce your upcoming challenge right then and there. 

You might say something like: “If you enjoyed today’s session, you’re going to love my upcoming 30-day fitness challenge. It’s not just a workout; it’s a transformative experience.”

Engagement with a Purpose

Your call to action should be as natural as the conversation. “Join our challenge; it’s the perfect next step to take what you’ve learned today even further.” 

This approach is more than an invitation; it’s an opening into your world. It’s more engaging than a mere request for an email address and more impactful. It’s about bringing them into your circle of influence, where they can continually benefit from your expertise.

Visibility and Community: The Twin Pillars of Success

Hosting regular challenges keeps your brand in the limelight. But it’s not just about being seen; it’s about creating a community. Your challenges should be a beacon for belonging, transforming participants into loyal followers.

Always Be Ready

Here’s a pro tip: always have a challenge in the pipeline. When you meet someone new, extend an invitation to join. “I think you’d be a great fit for our upcoming fitness challenge. It’s a fantastic way to connect and take your fitness to the next level.” This strategy goes beyond capturing leads, and moves straight to ongoing engagement and immediate community building.

Transform Followers into Paying Customers with Affordable Health & Fitness Challenges

Capitalize on Social Media Presence

You’ve nurtured a following on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and various online communities. 

These followers are engaged but haven’t yet made the leap to your higher-tier services. This is where affordably priced fitness challenges can be transformative. 

Utilize your social platforms to showcase a range of challenges, from free to affordably priced options. Tailor these challenges to include unique features like educational videos, weekly check-ins, and group Zoom calls. 

“Join my upcoming 4-week fitness challenge, specially priced for my Instagram followers, and start your transformation journey with us!”

Special Access: Exclusive Challenges

Offer something special to your Facebook group or Patreon subscribers: invite-only, exclusive challenges. These aren’t just any fitness challenge ideas; they’re unique experiences not available to the general public. 

“We’re launching an exclusive 30-day fitness challenge only for our loyal subscribers. Get ready for a journey of accountability and transformation, complete with personalized support.”

The Journey from Engagement to Investment

Free challenges are the gateway for followers to experience the value you offer. Once they’ve tasted success and felt the support of your community, they’re more likely to invest in your paid challenges. 

Highlight your success stories: “Read about Susan’s success in my last challenge, she went from sedentary to 20 minute daily jogs in 6 weeks – and you can do it too!”

Building Trust and Credibility

Showing up for your challenge participants is essential, and we can help you there too. We’ve put together an another playbook on how to run a highly engaging challenge experience. It’s worth a read!

You might consider also sharing easy, actionable tips that have worked for you and your clients in the past. These stories, messages, and teachable gems transform you into a trustworthy brand, making the transition from a free participant to a paying customer natural.

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Upgrade Challenge Participants to Paying Clients

Personalize to Win

In the realm of fitness challenges, personalization is not just a feature—it’s a catalyst for transformation. As a fitness coach, you may choose to provide some personalized guidance during challenges, or instead opt to share accessible variations that everyone can see and discuss together in the group chat. 

The more personalization that you can offer, the more it helps your challengers recognize your own range and depth of understanding of your craft, and builds a foundation of trust and reliability, essential for converting participants into paying clients.

The Strategic Post-Challenge Transition

The end of a challenge is not a conclusion; it’s a gateway to further commitment.

Invite people individually to join your next, higher ticket challenge, or buy a package of personal training sessions, or check out your masterclass on strength training for women over 40.

“You’ve made incredible progress in this challenge. Let’s take it to the next level, book in for an introductory personal training session with me and I’ll share my plan to get you to your fitness goals!”

This strategy both maintains the momentum and capitalizes on the trust and rapport built during your challenge.

Build and Retain Customer Loyalty

A participant who has completed a fitness challenge under your guidance is primed for further engagement. They’ve experienced the benefits firsthand and are more likely to invest in your services.

Use the challenge group chat as a platform to share information about your full range of services. Offer exclusive discounts or early access to your upcoming programs. “As a thank you for your dedication in our recent fitness challenge, I’m offering an exclusive discount on my masterclass to Get Upper Body Jacked in Just 12 Weeks!

Continuous Engagement: The Key to Long-Term Client Conversion

Always keep the momentum going. Continuously introduce new fitness challenge ideas for groups, be it a daily 1-minute plank challenge or a more time intensive commitment. “Stay tuned for our 8-week cardio training challenge. It’s the perfect opportunity to continue building your endurance and overall health.” 

This continuous engagement keeps the community active and connected, and over time, participants who may not be ready for higher-ticket offerings initially will eventually evolve into loyal, paying clients very quickly.

Re-engage Past Clients with Challenges to Prime them for Sessions

Reignite Passion

Sometimes, your existing clients need a little nudge to rediscover their commitment to healthy habits. Whether you’re a fitness instructor, nutrition coach or health coach, you have the unique opportunity to reignite their passion.

Start by designing healthy habit challenges that resonate with their personal health goals. Think about a ‘step challenge’ for those looking to increase daily activity or a ‘strength training challenge’ for clients focused on building muscle.

“Remember how you felt achieving those fitness milestones? Let’s experience that again with a challenge designed just for you.”

Incentivize Re-engagement

Motivation is key. You might consider implementing a rewards system for past clients who re-engage in your challenges.

These rewards could be anything from discounts on future sessions to recognition in your fitness community. “Congratulations on completing our 30-day hydration challenge! As a token of your hard work, enjoy a special discount on your next session with me.”

The Path to Booking Your Services

Challenges aren’t just about getting clients back on track; they’re also about boosting your business, right? 

Re-engaged clients who find renewed value in your services will likely stick around, boosting your personalized coaching revenues. 

“This wellness challenge is more than just a month-long commitment. It’s a stepping stone to rediscovering the joy in achieving your health goals.”

Personal Outreach: The Human Touch

As your challenge concludes, reach out personally to each participant and offer them the chance to discuss their goals and progress. 

“I’ve noticed the fantastic effort you’ve put into the push-up challenge. Would you like to sit down and chat about your broader fitness goals and how I can support you further?” 

This approach is genuine and shows that you care about their individual journey, not just the business aspect.

Run Fitness Challenges Together with Client Sessions

Integrate Challenges to Boost Consistency

In the world of health and wellness, keeping clients consistently motivated is key. 

Fitness trainers, health coaches, and a wide array of health and wellness providers often find that while clients seem very engaged and motivated during sessions, their motivation wanes very significantly in between. 

This is where integrating fitness challenges with your core services becomes a game-changer.

“Let’s ensure you’re thinking about your fitness everyday, this 6-week plank challenge will ensure you take at least a minute to feel the strength of your body each day. It’s a perfect complement to our regular strength training sessions.”

A Bridge Between Sessions

Challenges act as a bridge, maintaining engagement and motivation between client sessions. 

A 30-day step challenge or a hydration challenge can be seamlessly woven into your existing program. “Apart from our regular sessions, I encourage you to join our hydration challenge. It’s a fun way to stay on track with your wellness goals.”

Increase and Diversify Your Total Income

The continuous engagement fostered by these challenges leads to a new stream of challenges-driven revenue as well as better client outcomes.

Keep it Fresh

Mix up which challenges you run for your clients. From a push-up challenge to a cold plunge challenge, variety keeps things interesting. 

“Whether you’re looking to boost your strength or challenge your limits, we have a range of fitness challenges over the course of this year that you can join to support your health and fitness goals.”

Use MasterHealth for Your Fitness Challenge

Platform for Health and Fitness Professionals

MasterHealth provides an intuitive platform for fitness, nutrition, and health coaches, and many more health and wellness providers to grow their business and community. 

With free tools it offers like the Challenge Plan Generator and the Healthy Food Alternatives Generator, we aim to simplify the creation and management of fitness challenges. 

Easy to Setup and Run

MasterHealth’s tools empower you to quickly set up over 50 different types of challenges across fitness, nutrition, mind, sleep, supplements, and more, catering to your specific audience. 

It’s easy to set your own pricing, invite others, and fully run your challenge in less than five minutes per day – providing a flexible and efficient way to enhance your offerings.

Get Discovered and Grow Your Community

Built-in tools enable your challenge participants to tap into their networks and refer their friends and coworkers to your challenge, bringing you fresh prospects and more revenue.

Take advantage of MasterHealth’s marketplace, where you can create a listing for your challenge and get discovered by its network of health seekers who are actively building healthy habits. 

You can also build your profile, including a bio and link to your website and services, so people who discover you in the marketplace or within your challenge, can easily learn more about you and the services you offer.

Enhancing Communication

MasterHealth offers smart messaging drafts, group messaging, and private 1:1 messaging, ensuring you maintain a high ROI on your time while helping more people. 

The platform’s reporting tools give you insights into participant progress, helping you deliver your personal touch when needed.

Start a Challenge Now

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your fitness business with MasterHealth. 

Start your first challenge today and join a growing community of health professionals who are building their businesses, and actively leading their community to better health!

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Broadcast Your Success Stories and Case Studies

Showcase Real-World Success

Nothing speaks louder than success stories. Share how past participants in your fitness challenges have transformed their health and fitness journeys. Consider highlighting their achievements, focusing on how goal setting, commitment, daily logging, habit creation, and community engagement led to their success. 

“John’s journey through our 30-day fitness challenge is a testament to the power of setting clear goals and staying engaged with the community.”

Analyze Keys to Success

Examine what made these participants and challenges successful. Was it the supportive community in the group chat? The habit of logging in every day? 

“Jane’s story shows how logging her daily activities and engaging with the community helped her stay on track and achieve her fitness goals.”

Drawing Actionable Insights

Use these case studies to provide tangible, actionable insights for your followers. Show them that with the right commitment and resources, they too can achieve their fitness goals. 

“Learn from our successful challengers: set clear goals, stay committed, log your progress, and immerse yourself in the fitness community.”

Compelling Call-to-Action

Encourage readers to become part of your success stories. “Ready to be our next success story? Join our upcoming fitness challenge and start your transformation journey today!”

How To Use Social Media for Fitness Challenge Marketing

Themed Content Series

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are bustling hubs where your fitness challenge can truly shine. The key is to create a themed content series that resonates with your audience.

So for example, if you’re running a 30-day yoga challenge, your content could include daily yoga poses, health tips, and motivational quotes. “Join our #30DaysOfYoga challenge and transform your body and mind with daily insights right here on Instagram.”

Leverage Influencer Collabs

Partnering with health and fitness influencers can add credibility and also exponentially increase your reach. 

Imagine collaborating with a fitness influencer for a strength training challenge. They could share their journey, tips, and progress, which in turn inspires their followers and yours.

 “Excited to partner with @FitnessInfluencer for my upcoming strength training challenge. Stay tuned for their exclusive tips and journey!”

Sharing is caring. Once they’ve helped amplify your challenge, don’t forget to reciprocate and offer to share their upcoming challenges with your followers too!

Example Instagram Campaign for a Fitness Challenge:

  • Post caption: “Get ready to push your limits with our 21-day push-up challenge 💪 Starting soon! #PushUpChallenge #FitnessGoals”
  • Post image: High-energy photo showcasing a dynamic push-up pose.
  • Stories: Daily updates, tips, and participant shoutouts.
  • Reels: Quick tutorials on proper push-up techniques.
  • Hashtags: #PushUpChallenge #FitnessJourney #HealthTransformation

Share Your Challenge Links with Effective Calls To Action

Creating compelling calls to action (CTAs) and strategically placing your challenge links on various social media platforms is key to driving participation.

Wherever possible, try to create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers or highlighting the limited spots available.

Here’s how you can do it effectively across major platforms:


  • Posts: Craft engaging captions with a strong CTA like, “Ready to transform? Click the link in our bio to join our 30-day fitness challenge!” Make sure the link to your challenge is in your bio.
  • Profile Link: Utilize tools like Linktree or similar to include multiple links in your bio, making it easy for followers to find your challenge.
  • Stories with Link Sticker: Share stories about your challenge with a link sticker overlaid. “Swipe up to join our fitness revolution!”

Example Instagram Story CTA: “Take the first step towards a healthier you! Swipe up and join our exclusive 21-day fitness challenge now! 🏋️‍♂️🔥 #GetFitChallenge”


  • Posts: Similar to Instagram, use compelling CTAs in your posts. “Join our fitness community today. Click the link to sign up for our amazing fitness challenge!”
  • Facebook Groups: If you have a group, share the challenge link there with a post that encourages discussion and engagement.


  • Video Descriptions: Although TikTok doesn’t allow clickable links in video descriptions, encourage viewers to visit the link in your bio. “Check out the link in our bio to join our fitness challenge and start your journey!”
  • Profile Link: Like Instagram, use your bio link effectively.


  • Tweets: Craft concise, engaging tweets with a CTA. “Join our 30-day step challenge and step up your fitness game! Details in the link below. #StepChallenge”
  • Pinned Tweet: Pin a tweet about your challenge to the top of your profile with the sign-up link.


  • Video Descriptions: Include a link to your challenge in the video descriptions. Start your videos with a CTA encouraging viewers to check out the description.
  • End Screens & Cards: Utilize YouTube end screens and cards to direct viewers to your challenge sign-up page.

Example YouTube Video CTA: “Don’t miss out on our transformative 21-day strength training challenge! Click the link in the description below to join and start building your strength today!”

Tap Into Your Email List to Get Challenge Registrations

Get Personal

Your email list is a gold mine for engaging potential challenge participants. 

Personalization is key. 

Craft emails that resonate with your subscribers’ interests and fitness goals. 

“We noticed you’ve been interested in strength training. That’s why we’re inviting you to our exclusive 30-Day Strength Challenge!”

The Art of Segmentation

Segment your email list to tailor your messages effectively.

Different segments could include beginners, fitness enthusiasts, or those particularly interested in nutrition challenges. 

Use this segmentation to send targeted information about relevant fitness challenges. “As a valued part of our fitness community, we thought you might be interested in our upcoming ‘Hydration and Nutrition Challenge’ tailored for health enthusiasts like you.”

Share Success Stories

Emails allow for a direct and personal line of communication. Use this to your advantage to build a connection with your audience. 

Share stories of past challenge successes and how this new challenge could benefit them. “Remember Sarah’s transformation in our last 21-Day Challenge? You could be our next success story!”

Example Email Campaign to Announce Your Fitness Challenge

Join Our 21-Day Fitness Challenge – Transform Your Life Today!


Hello [Subscriber’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well and excited about your fitness journey! I’ve got something special that I believe will be a game-changer for you.

Introducing the 21-Day Fitness Challenge!

Our community has been buzzing with anticipation, and now it’s finally here. This challenge is designed to push your limits, inspire change, and help you achieve real results. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve endurance, or just kickstart a healthier lifestyle, this challenge is for you.

Why Join the Challenge?

  • Expert Guidance: Each day of the challenge, I’ll provide you with some of the latest news and trends that I typically share with my clients, as well as a new workout that you can do to keep things fresh, and your body feeling great!
  • Community Support: You’re not alone in this! I’ll be right there with you, along with a vibrant group of like-minded individuals who are all working toward similar goals.
  • Real Results: Hear from Sarah, one of our previous challenge winners: “The 21-Day Challenge completely transformed how I approach fitness and wellness. It was challenging, but the results were absolutely worth it!”

Exclusive Offer for You!

If you join this challenge, you’ll receive an exclusive 10% discount on your upcoming coaching session with me. How about that!

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Click [here] to sign up now and embark on this exciting journey. Let’s make these next 21 days truly transformative!

We can’t wait to see you in the challenge!

Yours in health,

[Your Name]

[Your Fitness Brand]

Call-to-Action (CTA):

“Click here to sign up now and start your journey to a healthier you!”


Direct link to the challenge registration page.

Local Community Engagement and Collaborations are Powerful Offline Marketing Strategies

Host Local Events and Workshops

Your local community is a fertile ground for promoting your fitness challenges. 

Hosting events or workshops not only showcases your expertise but also directly connects you with potential clients. 

“Join us this weekend at [Local Park] for a free workshop on the benefits of regular exercise and how to get started with our upcoming 30-day fitness challenge.”

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Collaborating with local health and wellness businesses is a great strategic move. 

It’s not just about cross-promotion; it’s about building a network of people helping people and supporting a healthier community overall.

 “We’re excited to partner with [Local Health Food Store] for our next fitness challenge. Stay tuned for special offers and joint events!”

Be Present in Your Community

Having a physical presence at local events boosts your visibility significantly. 

It’s about making connections, sharing your passion, and personally inviting people to join your fitness challenges. 

“Seeing your enthusiasm for health and fitness at our workshop has been inspiring. We’d love to have you join our upcoming fitness challenge and continue this journey.”

Partnerships with local businesses open doors to new audiences. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit from shared clientele and resources.

Rehearse Your Offline Call-To-Action

At the end of every event or workshop, it’s crucial to have a compelling call-to-action. 

“If you’ve enjoyed today’s session and want to take your fitness to the next level, sign up for our upcoming fitness challenge. Here’s the link to join: [Your MasterHealth Challenge Link to Join]. Let’s make health and wellness a priority together!”

Integrate Online and Offline Strategies for a Unified Marketing Campaign

Create a Consistent Brand Message

The key to a successful marketing campaign for your fitness challenge is consistency in your brand messaging across both online and offline platforms. 

Whether it’s social media posts, email newsletters, or printed flyers, the core message should be the same. “Join our empowering 30-day fitness challenge and kickstart your journey to better health!”

For offline and print marketing, consider including a QR code to make it easier for people to scan and access your challenge instantly on their mobile phones.

Cross-Promote Across Channels

Utilize the strengths of both online and offline channels to reinforce each other. 

Share details about your local workshops on your social media platforms, and vice versa. Use online channels to build excitement for offline events. “Don’t miss our upcoming workshop this Saturday – check out our Instagram for a sneak peek!”

Example cross-promotion strategy:

  • Online (Instagram): Share a graphic of the upcoming local event with details in the caption: “Join us this weekend at [Venue] for a dynamic fitness workshop! Head to our website for more details and to register.”
  • Offline (at the event): Distribute flyers with QR codes linking to your social media profiles and online fitness challenges.

Unified Messaging Builds Trust

A unified approach in both online and offline marketing efforts ensures a seamless brand experience for your audience. This consistency builds trust and strengthens your brand identity. 

“Whether you’re engaging with us online or at our local events, you’ll find the same commitment to your health and wellness.”

Create Fun, Friendly Fitness Challenges for Your Community

Inject Fun into Fitness

Fitness challenges don’t have to be all sweat and no smile. Infusing them with fun elements can significantly boost participation and engagement. 

How about creating a family workout challenge where you focus on activities like skipping, using hula hoops or maxing out on jumping jacks, recording it on video and sharing your successes (and flops) with your group – there’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine!

Charity Events for a Cause

Charity fitness events are a fantastic way to engage your community while contributing to a good cause. Organize a charity run or a group yoga session where participation fees go to a local charity. 

“Turn your steps into a step for a better future. Every step you take in our Charity Fitness Challenge helps raise donations for those in need.”

Create a Community Vibe

Group challenges are excellent for fostering a sense of community. They make fitness goals less daunting, especially for beginners. 

Try challenges like a ‘21-day step challenge’ or a ‘2-week push up challenge,’ where participants show up to encourage and motivate each other, but also show up for themselves. 

Sample Social Media Post for Community Engagement:

  • Caption: “Get ready to step into fitness with our community! 🏃‍♀️🏃 Join our 21-Day Step Challenge and be part of a supportive group that cheers for each other’s success. Sign up here [Challenge Link]. Let’s step together towards a healthier lifestyle! #CommunityFitness #StepChallenge”
  • Image: A vibrant, motivating picture showing a group of people participating in a previous step challenge.
  • Link to Share: Direct link to the sign-up page for the challenge.

Cultivate a Supportive Environment

Encourage participants to share their progress and experiences on social media, creating an atmosphere of support and motivation. 

“Share your challenge journey on Instagram and tag us. Let’s celebrate every milestone together!”

By cultivating a community of proud challengers, it puts you and your challenges in front of new audiences, which expands your reach and potential for others to join the next challenge you run and promote on social media.

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